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This site was always meant to have Dungeons & Dragons on it. I write adventures as a Dungeon Master quite often, usually very good adventures. I have read some of the things other DMs post, and they are usually quite uninteresting. I thought that I could post a story that was ripped straight from my campaigns as to be interesting to casual readers and idea-drained DMs alike.
Like all things I try to do, something had to go terribly, terribly wrong. I first began with a campaign called Elder Haven, a personal favorite. It had deeply rooted plot for future development, and I was several pre-planned adventures ahead of play. Then my players wanted to change their characters.... to a wizard and a thief. Come one, people. When you are part of a two people party that dies enough as it is, you do not want to be the two weakest, easiest to kill classes (or so you would think). So, five or so adventures in, I was forced to start up a new campaign and end Elder Haven. Luckily, I do believe I had only ever published one of the adventures on-line, so not much time was lost.
Next up was Nineteen Legend, the current storyline. I was trying to make this one up as I went along. It was a little confusing to me, but I eventually almost got everything to make sense. Unfortunately, one of my players more or less just quit Dungeons & Dragons. It was nothing formal, really; he just became a wash-out.
And thus here we are. These pages have stagnated on my site for two years without any possibility of update until I find a replacement player (which is next to impossible since I live in Northern Ohio).
I now leave you with the text -- untouched -- that I last updated this page with those years ago. This is for AD&D 2nd Edition, not the new Third, so numbers and stats may be of little use.

Hail! This is my AD&D Tales, a collection of AD&D adventures that I write and post on the web for apparently no reason at all. For you DMs out there, I have also left notes that you may see by clicking on the underlined text that would otherwise disturb the casual reader and reveal too much plot. Like many other things on this site, the notes require JavaScript use. Another JavaScript perk to this page is the ability to select the display color. Just click the buttons at the tops of the pages. Now, understand that only the first two chapters are finished currently. I shall add the remainder of the story (which is over 20 chapters long) in the months to come. These chapters have not even been thought out yet. I am creating them as I go along, which would account for the lack of, well, everything in the story. Currently, the third and fourth chapter have been play (they just need to be written now), and the fifth is in the works. I'm gonna try to get a lot of this section up in the months to come.

Nineteen Legend:

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